Abstract Abomination

I’m now convinced that the beleaguered souls who write the copy for Forever 21’s site have no idea what the word “abstract” actually means.

Ruffled Abstract Skirt: $16.90

One can only imagine the multi-tiered minefield of crap they’re forced to describe favorably on a daily basis. And it seems “abstract” has been adopted as the catch-all coverup for the shittiest selections.

80’s couch fabric pattern skirt with madness inducing ruffles?


Slumpy sweater that looks like something Zack Morris would wear to Principal Belding’s office?


Forever 21, WTF?



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10 responses to “Abstract Abomination

  1. Anonymous

    That sweater looks like something Rose Nylund would have rocked.

  2. Anonymous

    I had a Trapper Keeper in ’92 that looked just like that skirt.

  3. FramingJune

    When I was in the 7th grade I had a pink sweatshirt with this *exact* same pattern on it. Yup. The 80s were an awesomely bad fashion disaster. Thanks, WTForever21.com for bringin’ back the memories 😉

  4. Mel

    LMAO I’ve seen pictures of my husband’s bedroom when he was young, and his sheets were made out of the same fabric as that skirt.

  5. I love this blog, it gives me a laugh everyday!

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