Colorblock Cockup

Sweet baby New Year, what hath 2011 wrought on our poor, tired eyes.

Floral Colorblock Maxi Skirt: $22.80

They basically just took a quilt, added some elastic at the top of it and sewed it together to make a “skirt.”

A shapeless, tent-like, visual assault of a skirt.


absolutely NOTHING

but dreadful things for her figure.

To add insult to injury, the description of the skirt actually suggests the wearer be seen in this anyplace other than curled up in it next to a roaring fire on a wintry eve.

“Hit the cruise ship in style in this colorblock maxi skirt.”


Forever 21, seriously, WTF?



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7 responses to “Colorblock Cockup

  1. Colleen

    I think I’ve been on Facebook too much.. I find my brain shouting “DISLIKE! DISLIKE!!”

  2. they need some Beth Ditto input on how to make plus size clothes that are actually nice.

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  4. BG

    Who do they think would actually wear such ugly garbage and for $22.80.
    They must be joking

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