GIVEAWAY – Wonderful Wednesday: WTFeel the Love

Once a week the gorgeously cruel shroud of rage against bad fashion falls from the shoulders of WTForever 21 and we highlight what’s beautiful instead of what’s straight up booty. That day is Wonderful Wednesday and that day is today.

And this Wonderful Wednesday we are giving something away!

Since Valentine’s Day (also known as a wonderful day) is fast approaching I thought I would share the love. In the comments section, tell me about your worst or best V-Day ever (and of course, what you wore) in 150 words or less and whoever has the best story (or outfit) wins an accessory of their choice featured in this Wonderful Wednesday post!

It will be delivered to you well before Feb. 14 to help you complete your V-Day assemble. I guess we’ll close the contest Feb. 1.

Heart Lock Bag: $22.80

More wonders after the jump!

It’s no secret Valentine’s Day is mostly for the ladies so I like to be my most feminine on February 14. Here are some loveable, ladylike selections from Forever 21’s massive accessory closet.

Pearlized Shell Earrings: $3.80

Classic and creamy.

Heart Outline Charm Necklace: $1.50

Cutesy little touch for a romantic outing.

Faceted Rhinestone Bangles: $6.80

Delicate sparkle.

Faceted Heart Earrings: $1.50

A little glitz without being gawdy.

Embossed Reptile Skin Clutch: $9.80

Pink and perdy.

Lacquered Heart Ring: $3.80

Wear it on your finger instead of your sleeve.

Cozy Heart Print Socks: $6.80

Soft and silly.

Pink Aviators: $5.80

See the world through rose-colored glasses.

Luxe Chain Headband: $5.80

A little bling without going into Master P territory.

Forever 21, Wonderful.



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51 responses to “GIVEAWAY – Wonderful Wednesday: WTFeel the Love

  1. The best Valentines Day I’ve ever had was when I was in 3rd grade. My Dad (who isn’t into holidays… or happiness) made a scavenger hunt to find my present. We lived in a tiny trailer at the time, so I thought it would be easy, but it wasn’t. I first went to my room, then the living room, then the neighbors house, and basically all over the neighbor hood. The presents were in my dog’s food cabinet. Perhaps not the most romantic Valentines Day, but it is by far the most special. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

    And though I can’t remember exactly what I was wearing, it was most likely my school uniform: a green plaid jumper, ruffle knee-high socks, Keds, a white polo, and a ribbon in my hair. 🙂

  2. The best Valentine’s Day I had was in high school. It was my first time have a boyfriend and a Valentine, so I was really nervous about the whole thing. I didn’t know if he would like the present I gave him or what to wear… So we had plans to meet up later that day and the first thing he wanted to do was exchange presents. He gave me a beautiful flower arrangement, some chocolates, and a thoughtful little letter that he’d written up. I had gotten him a blank photo cube and had cut up and inserted various pictures of the two of us that showed some of our best memories. I didn’t think my present would hold up, but when I gave it to him and he unwrapped it, he didn’t say a word, he just kept turning it over and over. Then finally he told me that it was the most thoughtful gift anyone had ever given him and that he would treasure it always. 🙂 And that was my best Valentine’s Day ever!

  3. Ari

    I have an absolutely terrible valentines day story!
    In 2008, I was in high school and it just happened to be a boarding school with crazy strict rules (no food except what is given in the dining hall, no perfume, no ipods on weekdays…you get my drift). So obviously on valentines day girls got perfume, chocolates, ipods and champagne! I was a room head and a lot of the girls in my room had received gifts, so there were a lot of people in my room that night after bed time, joining in! Next thing we knew, THE PRINCIPAL AND HIS WIFE showed up. In the few seconds before they came in, people scattered everywhere, hiding in closets, under beds, everywhere! Unfortunately there was an empty champagne bottle right in the middle of the room! To this day I have no idea how I convinced him that it was used to store hairpins, but he believed me. For almost peeing in my pants with fear, I deem this the WORST. VALENTINES. DAY. EVER.

  4. Jenny

    My favorite Valentine’s day was three years ago. It was actually the first Valentine that I had a date. My boyfriend and I had been dating for 7 months at the time. I had no idea what was going to happen that day since my boyfriend kept everything under hush. It turned out he had planned a whole day trip to the bay area! To top it off, that was the day he proposed! I remember I was wearing a black sweater, jeans, and black boots. No heels for me because I wanted to be cute but comfy at the same time.

  5. Kate

    What I was wearing was the reason why this was my most memorable Valentine’s day. Actually, this terrible valentine’s day was supposed to be my best. Until I was in 11th grade, I had only gone on one or two dates, as I was really, ridiculously, painfully awkward. I was like a 15 year old Liz Lemon. I was also so shy that if my crush of four years looked at me, my ghostly pale skin would flush bright red, and it wouldn’t go away for a hour or so. Long story short, said crush finally asked me out, for a valentine’s day dance at my school (aw!). Anyway, I decided to be “provocative” and wear a long white wet seal dress… that just so happened not to have straps. The night was going great, until my friends and I decided to dance in the middle of the gym (right where the spotlights were aimed). I WAS having fun, until my friends long, fake jersey nails snagged the fabric of my dress and pulled the dress down. Just as my friends closed ranks around me, I could see teachers, freshman, and parent chaperone’s staring at my bare chest in horror. You could say my biggest mistake was wearing a strapless dress, but it wasn’t – it was not wearing a bra with it. Thankfully, my crush wasn’t there, and we actually stayed together for four and a half years.. but he still calls me “Janet Jackson”.

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  7. My best V-day was 3 years ago! I planned a surprise for my boyfriend and it was amazing. I made him make reservation at a tacky restaurant, but when he arrived to pick me: there was a clue on the door. Each clue lead him to different places and every place was a special place for us. The last clue lead him to me and I was waiting for him with a surprise dinner (sushi!), candles and everything! It was amazing! Even though when I went to buy the sushi, they waiter left me a note with his phone and a heart lol!

  8. Julianne

    My best Valentine’s gift was actually from my dad. I’ve owned the whole Valentine’s day market of gifts: roses, tacky yet adorbs bears, chocolate, jewelry, etc. But my best gift to this day was the one my popsicle gave me for V-day my 7th grade year of school. A Tempur-pedic mattress and pillow :]. It’s the only gift keeps giving night after night after night. No dying, creeping me out, chunking me up, or getting lost amongst other pretties of jewelry, etc.

    Thanks Popsicle!

    PS I was wearing an oversized State Fair t-shirt when I slept in it.

  9. Last Valentines Day, my boyfriend took me to a fancy restaurant for dinner. I wore a Forever21 colorblock dress but more importantly, high heels. I’m a jeans and t shirt kind of girl who rarely wears heels so I was having trouble walking in them. After we left the restaurant my boyfriend challenged me to wear them the entire mile walk home instead of changing into the flats I brought in my purse. I accepted the dare and he started mimicking the horselike and awkward way I was walking to throw me off and win the competition. As we walked past a man seated on a bench, the guy called out “You try walking in her shoes, buddy! She’s doing great!” He was completely embarrassed and I still like to tease him about it. I made it home in the heels, by the way. Most victorious Valentines Day ever.

    • ringtheory

      Walking in heels is hella hard work. Looking GOOD while walking in them is practically a mystical art form. Like painting with sand or shaping banzai trees.

  10. Heather

    So…prepare to be unimpressed by my Vday story, haha. I spent my last Valentine’s Day with family at home. I go to college away from home, and drove a while down just to get to spend that time with them. It was relaxing – we went to a regional park and I just played with my two little sisters all day. My little 3 year old sister had her first pony ride!
    I recall wearing a denim dress with a sweetheart bustline and zipper details (I love pieces that are feminine and rocker at the same time), paired with a girly frilled white cropped cardigan and a pair of oxfords. Ironically, I had bought the oxfords on clearance without any clue that they would be such a hit come Fall season.

    Speaking of Valentine’s Day the movie, my roommate’s boyfriend took her to see it – and SHE fell asleep half-way through! The poor boy had to watch the rest of it by himself. That’s a sign of dedication for ya – they are too cute 🙂

  11. Diana

    My most memorable one was probably when I was with my high school boyfriend. We had been dating exactly a year (our first date was Feb 15 of the previous year). He came over to my house with a dozen roses, and he was an 18 year old boy so he TOTALLY did the cheesy trick of sticking a fake one in the middle with a note “I’ll love you until the last one dies.” I had never received flowers before and was floored. My mom took a few pictures of us, and he took me out to dinner. He was a great boyfriend.
    I was wearing an awesome dress. It was black and spaghetti strap, with pale pink trim around the ruched empire waist. I was probably wearing flats because my boyfriend was only an inch taller than me. 🙂
    I put the photo and the note in my high school scrapbook and still look back on him fondly, even if I did dump him right before I went to college. :-p

  12. Maia

    I don’t know if this is allowed, but i want to leave my best AND worst Valentine’s day, because I just can’t decide!
    My best was with my boyfriend in high school, I was 18 and he was 19 at the time and it was our first Valentine’s together. He had made dinner plans at our favorite Italian restaurant, and when he came to pick me up for dinner he said he’d forgotten his wallet and needed to stop at his house. So I waited in the car while he went in to get it, but he was taking an awfully long time so I called him to say hurry up, and he said “I can’t find it, you’ll have to come in and help me look!” So I went inside, and immediately inside the door began a trail of pink paper hearts, all different sizes that he had cut out himself. As I got further inside, tealights started to appear, and this trail of hearts and candles lead all through the house to upstairs, where he had cleared out their second bedroom (aka junk room) and set up a table for two in the middle of the room, with candles everywhere and a three course meal that he’d made himself. I felt like I was in a movie it was insane. (Needless to say two years later he turned out to be a cheating bastard, but I will never forget that Valentine’s day!) I was wearing a black silk Club Monaco dress with a low back and low front, black sheer tights and black patent pumps.

    The worst was actually last year, my boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship, and he was coming to visit me the day after. I had to work Valentine’s day, I’m a waitress. Everyone from work decided to have a few drinks afterwards, and we ended up going out. I was completely belligerently wasted, and my boyfriend was apparently sitting at home waiting for me to go on skype so we could chat. When he found out I went out, he got pissed and went out drinking himself. I ended up kissing a coworker cause I was pissed off, and my best friends had to pull me off him and take me home. The next day my boyfriend came to visit, and we could barely speak to each other without yelling. I couldn’t tell him about the coworker – why cause a whole lot of grief over something completely stupid? But then I saw text messages on his phone from a coworker of HIS (who incidentally used to be a good friend of mine) asking him to come over because she wanted to do body shots off of him and lick the salt off wherever he wanted her to. Needless to say he said that he didn’t, but that he had thought about it because he was so pissed off. He still doesn’t know about my little indiscretion, but I also have chosen to ignore the fact that something else may have happened on his end of things. We didn’t have our romantic dinner we had planned, and instead spent the 24 hours he was visiting me fighting. I was wearing dark blue skinny jeans, grey slouchy boots with buttons up the side, and a pink long-sleeve henley shirt (aka what I had to wear to work).

  13. Des

    My boyfriend was working (food services), so I decided that I’d go out with some of my single friends to our local bar. We were just gonna have some drinks and chill out. I decided to drive my scooter to save on gas despite it being pretty cold outside.

    So I get downtown, and there’s a cat sitting in the median of the road. It wasn’t moving, but as soon as I was about to pass it, it jumped out in front of my scooter. It hit the cat dead-on and flipped my bike as it slid down the road. I landed on my hands, lost a shoe even. The car behind me didn’t even STOP. So I get everything out of the street and call my boyfriend at work. He couldn’t leave to take me to the hospital. I was stranded downtown. I hobbled into the back door of a restaurant kitchen in search for a first aid kit and had a cute waiter patch me up. When my boyfriend finally got off work, instead of coming over to help or go to the hospital, he decided to go have drinks with his co-workers.

    I couldn’t walk for about a week and years later, I have a massive scar that lines the curve up my hipbone where I hit the pavement. Needless to say, we broke up.

  14. Wednesday

    Most memorable Valentine’s Day (more like week):
    2004. He was in the Army, went to Iraq and was wounded. He was in the hospital at Ft. Sam Houston (San Antonio, TX) and I was in Oklahoma (by his usual base). He was in a wheelchair at the time and pretty stuck at this place where he knew no one. I promised to pick him up and bring him to his friends for a weekend of nonstop partying. I did just that, which was a 9 hour drive each way. By the time we got back to San Antonio (THIRD 9 hour drive at this point), I asked if I could hang around for a day because I was sick of driving. We spent Valentine’s Day together and gifted each other fast food. I paid for lunch, Burger King, and he paid for dinner, Domino’s Pizza. I also remember that, for some reason, we wound up buying a “G-Unit” CD. That one day turned into a week and that week wound up being my almost 7 year relationship (anniversary next month! :)).

    What did I wear? Well, since I only planned on it being a one day thing, I had like 2 outfits for that entire week. Jeans with a gray tee & black pants with a long-sleeved brown blouse. Thank God for black pants though! They go with everything!

  15. Jazmine

    Last Valentine’s Day, I cooked my boyfriend his favorite meal- General Tso’s Chicken with fried rice. For dessert I made candy sushi out of rice krispie treats, gummy worms and fruit roll up (since we don’t like real sushi). I decorated my dining room with a black table cloth, red plates and red lantern string lights. I wore a black strapless blouse from The Limited with black skinny jeans and earrings with the Chinese symbol for love 🙂

    • ringtheory

      My boyfriend’s favorite food is beef fried rice! Hahaha. He made me a TERRIBLE version of it on one of our first dates. Sounds like you put in a lot of work, Jazmine, and your outfit was probably slammin’!

  16. Martina

    Valentine’s date. My friend set me up on a date. Decided to go to the restaurant straight from the gym. Brought a sexy outfit with a short skirt. Forgot underwear. Most awkward, clenched-thigh dinner of my life. Was not asked for a second date.

    • ringtheory

      HAH. And I’m sure you had just blasted those thighs on the bike or the stairmaster or the something or other. Nice one. Let this be a lesson to all of us: keep extra panties in your car!

  17. Juliana

    Worst V-day: made a homemade picnic (and wore an adorbs black lace dress with red tights and some really cute black bow flats) complete with strawberry crush and my bf’s favorite foods. when we got to the park to eat he started berating me because he wasnt in my myspace top 4 (ARE YOU JOKING) and just kept accusing me of not valuing the relationship. i ended up crying hysterically and just took him home and went home and cried some more. ARE YOU JOKING, EX BOYFRIEND?

    • ringtheory

      This must have been a while ago before Myspace turned into the ghetto of the internet. You’re better off without him!

  18. Amy

    Hmmmm I haven’t really had any super awesome or super bad Valentine’s Days, they were mostly without a boyfriend, and the past two have been with a boyfriend but kinda whatever. This Valentine’s Day, however, will be the best one EVER! Because I’ll be with the love of my life for our first Valentine’s Day together, and I don’t know what we’ll do but we’ll be together 🙂 It depends what we do, but I’m either gonna wear a sexy black dress from F21 (that the bf bought me for Christmas!) with black bootie heels, or maybe some dark jeans from AE with a TBD top, probably a lavender one with lace insets on the sleeves from Delia’s, with black Minnetonka mocs. Or maybe sweats if we stay in, who knows? 😉

    • ringtheory

      I vote for comfort but don’t do sweats. Try some yoga pants (guys LOVE yoga pants) and a nice, soft cardigan with a pretty scarf and put your hair up so you can show off your neck and any dainty earrings you may have. You’ll be comfy but still super hot!

  19. Emily

    Ha. Last Valentine’s Day I really had nothing to do, and I was feeling pretty down because some of my friends hadn’t invited me to their girls’ night. Determined to do something fun anyway, I took my younger brother to go see Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The movie was terrible, but I had a good night anyway. I was rocking the spirit of the holiday with a white shirt, red zip-up hoodie, and a plastic, candy-heart bracelet.

    • ringtheory

      That’s sweet, Emily, and a really good idea for people who don’t have anything to do on the day. It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship to celebrate VDay. It can just as much fun and more meaningful in the long run to spend it with someone who you’ve loved their or your whole life like a sibling or another family member or close friend.

  20. Amanda

    Last year, I had just moved to the United States. I left my boyfriend of 1 year in Singapore. I was lonely and heartbroken on Valentine’s day, because my boyfriend wasn’t answering his phone. I was walking around in the local mall, moping, and suddenly, I get a text message from him, asking where I was. I told him, and 15 minutes later he swoops me up into his arms and kisses me on the lips. He flew 9,000 miles. I was wearing a pink sweetheart dress from f21, and a jade necklace. :} Best Day ever.

    • ringtheory

      OOOooo. I like your outfit, Amanda! I think I may have to steal that combo. And your boyfriend is a rock star for coming all of the way across the ocean for you.

    • ringtheory

      AMANDA! I’ve chosen you as my first place winner but you didn’t leave an email address! Get back to me at with your pick but do it quick! Because you didn’t include an email, I am giving first dibs choice to the second place winner, IF she replies before you do!

  21. HeatherK

    I told my bf of 2 years that I didn’t like flowers. But really girls do like flowers and they just say they don’t. It was valentines day and he came over. Empty handed. I was upset and told him he didn’t value our relationship blah blah blah and he left. There was a really bad snowstorm that day and he decided to walk to the nearest flower shop, spent $75 on some pretty terrible looking roses, and brought them to me saying ‘I just thought you didn’t like flowers’. It was so sweet and I felt so terrible. I apologized and learned he had planned a dinner date for that evening which made me feel even worse. Lesson learned. I wore a little black satin-y dress, tights, and bootie heels (which was a terrible choice because of the snow!).

    • ringtheory

      Awww. This reminds me of that final scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary when Darcy leaves and then comes back with a new journal for her. Very sweet.

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  23. EmGusk

    Freshman year of college I was seeing this boy who was cute, but not terribly exciting. We went out for sushi on Valentine’s Day. After dinner, he took me to his parents’ house and confessed that he a) thought his father was cheating on his mother and needed to find evidence of this, and b) was seeing someone else. I wasn’t terribly upset that he was seeing someone else, but I was confused about everything else – why did he take me out for Valentine’s Day and not that someone else? Why are you telling me your dad is cheating even though it seems like you’re doing the exact same thing?
    Well, he took me back to my dorm, where instead of wasting a great outfit (probably horrible, since it was almost a decade ago- if I could guess it was low-riser jeans, pink stilettos and a black top with pink polka dots that I think was from F21…) I went out with my friends and had a great time. The rest is history.

    • ringtheory

      Haha. Awww. And there you were, in your heels and jeans and pink polka dot combo, looking like a VDay bombshell, and this douche is trying to pull you into bizarre family drama. Good for you for not wasting that rockin’ ass outfit!

  24. Aauuugh i really want that first bag, but none of my valentines days have been exciting… They have all been boring because I’ve always been single.

  25. elisa

    My best Valentine’s Day happened in middle school. My bestie took me to see a local band play at the winter dance and I casually mentioned it to my guy who at the time played guitar. The day after was Valentine’s Day and I hadn’t seen my guy all day so when lunch came, a random girl came up to me and handed me a rose. Behind her was my guy and his guitar singing a song that he wrote just for me. He couldn’t sing a note but it was very sweet none the less.

  26. Last Valentine’s Day was my best Valentine’s day. I’m a photographer and my boyfriend took me on a photo tour of the Miracle Mile/Coral Gables area of Miami where we both live now. We both toted our cameras around snapping pictures of interesting things, landscapes, and places, as well as each other of course! Afterward he took me to this french restaurant: which has now become a regular favorite for us. 🙂
    Here’s what I wore:
    It was cold for Miami that day!

  27. Amber

    Last Valentines Day my boyfriend and I took a trip to Spain. We ate dinner on the beach and he gave me the most perfect pair of shoes (buckled wedges). I wore an black and white H&M skirt with hearts all over it, a red tank top and a pair of black F21 sandals.
    I had so much fun and it was my first Valentines Day with someone! I’ll never forget it 🙂

  28. Courtney

    The best Valentine’s Day I have had is the first one I ever celebrated which was last year. My boyfriend and I thought we would break the typical V-day mode and do something that both of us actually WANTED to do. We started off with dinner at our favorite restaurant, TGI Friday’s (classsy) and then to top the night off we had the choice of going to the movie “Valentine’s Day” which all my girlfriends dragged their abiding boyfriends to. We instead chose to see “Wolfman”, which opened that weekend as well. There’s nothing like watching Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins rip the shit out of people! *sigh*

    • ringtheory

      I love that you saw The Wolfman on Valentine’s Day. You’re my kind of lady, Courtney. By the way, just so you qualify, do you remember what you had on?

      • Courtney

        I was wearing a simple and short navy long-sleeved dress paired with some knee high black boots and my favorite vintage turquoise owl necklace 🙂

    • Amy

      hahah that’s funny because i remember Valentine’s Day came out a couple days before actual VDay, and me and a bunch of girlfriends went to see it some random day, but we were going to a sketchy theater so we needed some guys to come along. My boyfriend at the time didn’t wanna go so we grabbed some guy friends, including one who really wanted to go see Wolfman but didn’t want to ditch us. He is now my boyfriend and will not let me forget that i “made” him watch Valentine’s Day!

      • ringtheory

        I’d be willing to bet a lot of boyfriends won’t ever let their ladies forget they made them watch that movie. It’s probably a major bargaining chip in 85% of relationships coming into the new year. “I watched Valentine’s Day instead of Wolfman so we ARE watching Roadhouse tonight for the 10th time, woman.”

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