Bad Trip Top

Don’t panic.

I know looking at this top might make you feel like you’re plummeting into the dark depths of a K-Hole, but keep calm. I’m an excellent guide.

Just try to remember that, no, you have not been pulled over by the fuzz and thus forced to eat the entire contents of your shroom filled zip lock baggie. You’re not really sweating it out in the back of your Feminist Proxy class while colors speak to you in tongues.

I repeat, you are NOT ON DRUGS right now.

You’re just looking at this shirt.

Price: $You’reSoHigh.RightNow

Forever 21, WTF?

EDIT: If you look at this shirt the right way, you can fully see a dolphin jumping over an old pirate ship with hearts and stars in the background. Just relax your eyes …



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4 responses to “Bad Trip Top

  1. leah.

    My eyes started to hurt looking at it, ha.

  2. ringtheory

    Totally. Optical illusions should not be on clothing unless they make the wearer look more attractive. I would be afraid of people staring at my chest thinking it was a Magic Eye.

  3. Colleen

    I just wonder how bad it gets when the wearer of this thing actually MOVES….. walking down the street, causing car crashes… fun stuff.

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