Coupe de Shit

Brilliant reader, Jazmine alerted me  to this unholy union.

Letterman Contrast Jacket: $29.00

It’s a contrast all right.

A contrast between a classic menswear staple and what your rational mind knows to be the deranged down syndrome child of jersey knit and baby poop colored pleather.

Jazmine writes, “In a sad attempt to ‘redesign’ the old school letterman jacket, this new arrival looks more like granny sweater meets cheap leather interior.”

So, she’s basically saying this sweater is a shitty old Coupe de Ville driven dangerously down a one-way street by a blue-haired drunk lady, only it’s a clothing item and not a cautionary tale. Or is it both?

Forever 21, WTF?



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7 responses to “Coupe de Shit

  1. Jasmine

    I’ve lived with my uncle with down syndrome all 21 years of my life. I’m also an entirely respectable and educated not whorey young lady who happens to have HSV, and you can bet I hear “retard” and herpes jokes all the f***ing live long day (the latter about 10x more than the former). But people will say what they’re going to say, and you can either get up in arms every time you get offended (which will be often), or you can sack up and brush it off. In fact, the author of this blog wrote something like “faster than an STD can attach itself to your labia” in another post, but you won’t catch me telling her to go fuck herself and demonizing her against my veritable army of herp-riddles harpies. If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry, so yuck it up, fools.

  2. Mary

    My brother has Down Syndrome and he knows not to wear shit like that. Could you please change or remove your offensive description?

  3. Wow…I think what is even uglier than this jacket is the way you describe it. As the daughter of a Special Education teacher and (you say) a person privileged to know some of the disabled kids…shame on you. Words DO hurt and you promote the notion that people with Down syndrome are something to be ashamed of and thrown away. ICK. This entire page makes me want to vomit

  4. I’m with the others, I’ve really enjoyed your blog up to this point but I’d put an edit in, I had just sent your link to a new friend but when she saw this “joke” she vowed to never come back.

  5. Patricia C

    I find the comment offensive as well…. comparing an ugly combination of pleather and jersey to a disabled person… and by the way also if you are going to reference that particular disability, get your educator mother to proofread your work and write in proper English- the D in Down syndrome is capitalized.

  6. Melissa

    I just read your comment on my blog and I wanted to let you know I’m sorry my writing has offended you so deeply. Just as a little background, my mother is an educator who has devoted her life to working with special needs children and I have been priveleged to know some of them as the sweetest, fairest, and most sensative people on this planet.
    It was not my intention to attack them or their loving parents.
    I do encourage you to react in whatver way you feel is necessary and right in response to my post. I’m just apologizing for making you feel anything other than proud and fortunate for the blessings of your children.



    **This was a great gained a fan again!

  7. Melissa

    Deranged Down Syndrome child?!?!? Seriously? You can’t come up with something else???
    As a mom with two children with Down Syndrome, I will be posting this page for everyone mom I know to AVOID for such comments.
    Congrats. You just lost a fan..

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