Mod Mustard Mess

Oh, you lovely bunch of wonderful WTFing folks.

You bring me so much joy.

A reader sent in this gem:

Price: $24.80

Yet another item that is only really appropriate for Halloween or a theme party.

A flea market find if I ever saw one. I know it’s trying to be mod, but it just ends up looking like very restrained mustard stain. This item is in the “New Arrivals” section but it’s really not. The reader found it some weeks ago on the European site and it’s just now immigrated its ugly stateside.

Forever 21, Was Zum Teufel?



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2 responses to “Mod Mustard Mess

  1. Haytown

    I want that. Kus mijn kloten

  2. sharona white

    I can’t believe how crowded all the clothes are stuffed into the rack and you can never find anything in size Large…..

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