Mysterious Hat Monstrosity

This is not about the coat.

The chocolate wool coat shown here is actually really stylish and probably a great staple for the chilly weather much of our country is experiencing right now.

No. This is about the hat.

The insanity producing, totally silly, chunky knit Swami cap they’ve plopped on the girl’s head.

Price: $WhateverItIs, It’sWayTooMuch.00

It makes it seem as if her skull is lumpy and abnormally large.

I’ve seen this nasty little styling mistake on the pretty little heads of a few of the models on the site. HOWEVER, it is nowhere to be found in the actual inventory.

Is it possible Forever 21 is using outside help to make it’s perfectly nice options into WTF nightmares? Judgmental and inquiring minds want to know.

If anyone can find this WTFing hat online or in-store, PLEASE send in pics or post something on the Facebook Page!

Forever 21, We Will Discover the Truth!



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11 responses to “Mysterious Hat Monstrosity

  1. Bek

    call me crazy but if it’s SO COLD that you have to wear a hat fashioned from a potato sack on on your head, shouldn’t you remember to wear some PANTS as well?

  2. It drives me CRAZY when they put things on the models that aren’t in the online store. Not this bag of vomit, but the really cute leather shorts they put on half the models.

  3. S.

    I work at one of the stores. And yes, we did sell this hat. lol And yes, people bought it. hahahahahaha!

    • ringtheory

      SHAME! The mystery has been solved … but the answer is too horrifying to believe. This is like an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

  4. f21 employee

    I hate to tell you this, but the “hat” was sold in stores. I have no actual proof but as an f21 employee, I will tell you I have seen it! The saddest part? The ones we got (at least 6, probably 12) are all gone. People actually bought them! It’s sad but the ugliest things, are the ones that sell.

  5. Ali

    Now wait a minute, isn’t she also wearing the shorts from for inFantilism post? Baahahaha!

  6. Colleen

    Sorry, the only place I’ve ever seen this is on old ladies pushing shopping carts down the street…..

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