Project Runaway

This dress looks like a Tina Turner back-up dancer’s costume.

Or something that came about as a result of a dare.

Like one of those dresses designers on Project Runway make after being challenged to create a garment entirely composed of fresh cow shit pressed into a thin layer and then sealed in polyester.

Price: $22.80



Forever 21, WTF?



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8 responses to “Project Runaway

  1. chasingstars

    Has anyone seen the new Swiffer commercial where dirt is personified as a stuck up girl? I’m pretty sure Forever 21 was called on to put together her outfit.

    • ringtheory

      I know what you’re talking about. I’ll bet Forever 21 is a costume designer’s DREAM store. Cheap, trendy pieces that can be thrown away a second later.

  2. Cin

    Wow… the shape of this dress including belt looks like a dress by Kensie. But the Kensie one is prettier and made in another material… omg this must make you sweat like mad.

    • ringtheory

      Sweat, for sure. And it’s probably also really loud. The material definitely makes noise when you move. In use, this is probably one of the most embarrassing garments ever.

  3. All I can think of when I see faux-leather clothing is how much it would make me sweat. Like a frilly one-shouldered condom.

    Also, I made a post about your blog and included an excerpt from your “Purple Rain” post, hope that’s okay!

  4. evr

    The dress is painful to look at. I feel assaulted by the cheapness of that brown trashbag material.

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