Bieber WTFever

What in the china doll faced boy is THIS doing on Forever

I can see the connection. Most of the uber-crazed, fainting, seething, foaming at the mouth fan girls who are in love with Justin Bieber probably get a majority of their day glow pink, acid washed jeggings at Forever 21.

Still, wedging a shottily made mini-calendar into the mix of their clothing and accessories seems a little forced.

Yet there he is. Uncategorized. In the “New Arrivals” section. Brooding from behind the pinched plastic cover.

Price: $5.80

If the image of Bieber in various states of chilled repose and also weilding a boom box over his head is not WTFy enough for you, as a side note, the website suggests people who bought this may also like this:

Price: $6.80 

Apparently in addition to teenage boys with girl faces, Bieber fans can’t get enough of satin bows and plastic gem stones.

Forever 21, WTF? 



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8 responses to “Bieber WTFever

  1. Puff

    I have actually seen a girl wearing that headband and she pulled it off very well i didnt think it looked that bad to be honest.

  2. Ali

    Don’t you love how his facial expression is the same in ALL TWELVE photos?! Justin Beiber = Derek Zoolander. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

    • ringtheory

      Haha. Yes. Brooding, yet feminine. Kind of like David Bowie in his later film roles or Iman in her current television one.

  3. $5.80 for a Bieber calendar?! WHAT A STEAL…

  4. Colleen

    Maybe Bieber is the one who should buy the headband… no doubt a stylish and effective way to keep that darn hair out of his face… does that kid even have a forehead?

  5. Oh good. The last two items on my wish-list. Now I know where to send people to buy them for me. That calendar will go perfectly on my cubicle wall.

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