Misshapen Misnomer

Abstract Woven Tunic?

Hi, sorry. Can we just all snap back to reality and call this what it actually is, which is a fucking muumuu? Thanks.

It’s like when people in a vampire movie don’t want to believe the thing that rose from the grave, ripped Bobby’s throat out and then turned into a bat before disappearing into the night was, indeed, a vampire.

Call it whatever you want. Vampire. Muumuu. Bobby will still be dead and you’ll still look like you are wearing an ill-fitted mold made of chewed up jellybeans, so there.

Price: $19.80

Forever 21, WTF?



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2 responses to “Misshapen Misnomer

  1. Emily

    now, muumuus are terrible, but i think it’s time to address the issue of ponchos. the public is concerned.

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