The Artist Formerly Known as WTF

For the past three decades, Prince has delighted the world with the genius of his music.

His fashion is another story.

Purple Rain Ruffle Blouse: $29.00

Ladies, unless you are a light-skinned, petite, mulatto  gentleman with an ass as tiny as his vocal range is wide, do not attempt this look.

The Beautiful Ones, indeed.

Forever 21, Game. Blouses.



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5 responses to “The Artist Formerly Known as WTF

  1. Anonymous

    This could actually be cute, if it didn’t have so many damn ruffles. I’ve seen a sheer shirt like this on someone, and it was cute, but there were no ruffles.

  2. Kat

    Holy crap- photoshop mishap much? Or are Forever 21 endorsing the size -6 trend?

  3. Why does that model’s head look so big?

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