WTFa-la-la: Budget Gifts from Forever 21

Like a seasonal rash or unwelcome spritz from the perfume counter, WTFmas is once again upon us.

It being Wonderful Wednesday, the snarky Santas here at WTForever 21 have decided to celebrate the strange and mystical duality of Forever 21 by showcasing passive aggressive gifts from the hit and miss retailer.

Here are some pretty wonderful present options  (all under $25) for the special person in your life that you love (but also hate just a little). We’ve even taken care of what to write on the card, leaving you to  gift away, worry free.

Judging aunts, smug co-workers, self-righteous friends and micro-managing bosses, these yuletide treats are for you.

Powerful Steam Brush: $24.80

“Merry Christmas! I saw this and immediately thought of you, since your clothes are always wrinkled and encrusted in cat hair.”

Lace Yoke Satin Maternity Dress: $22.80

“Merry Christmas! Judging by your swollen ankles and crazy mood swings you’ll be needing this any day now!”

Cable Knit Beanie & Scarf: $5.50 & $12.80

“Happy Kwanzaa! I know how sensitive you are about that bald patch … and your turkey neck.”

Fashion Boo-Boos Animal Print Band Aids: $3.80

“Merry X-Mas! I thought these would be great for covering up all those bruises on your knees and sores on your mouth. In a fashionable way!”

Classic (fake) Diamond Ring: $4.80

“Happy Hanukkah! Maybe if you start wearing this he’ll finally take the hint!”

Zen Yoga Mat: $9.80

“Happy Holidays to you and yours! This is really a gift for you AND your boyfriend! LOL, just kidding. He only mentioned it once.”

Bling Compact Mirror: $3.80

“Good Festivus! I don’t think you have one of these and if you do, you probably need a new one.”

Make-up Gift Set: $23.00

32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette: $6.80

Kiwi Yogurt Mask: $1.80

Minty Gloss: $2.80

6 Piece Brush Set: $6.80

Compact & Tweezer Set: $4.80

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to use these when you’re ready! Merry Christmas!”

Ruffle Lace Cami Set: $14.80

“For if you finally stick to that New Year’s resolution! (I left the tags on and the receipt is stapled to the card.)”

Forever 21, wonderful.


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One response to “WTFa-la-la: Budget Gifts from Forever 21

  1. Yasmine

    hmm… i like the bandages!

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