Le In-Store Visite

I know what you’re thinking.

How could this scene get any chicer?

The glamor of an electric blue trench coat against creamy, limp limbs. The pageantry of strewn about, non-descript basics and prison jumpsuit orange pea coats. The slumped over, bowlegged, zombie-like homelessness of it all.

How French. How fetching. How … I don’t know what.

If only her wig was crooked and haphazardly tucked under a sinfully ugly fur cap, this glorious vision could be complete.

Mon Dieu!

Forever 21, What Le Fuck?



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6 responses to “Le In-Store Visite

  1. Nellie

    Is it just me or does Miss Mannequin look like a zombie about to OM NOM poor unsuspecting Forever 21 shoppers!? =P

  2. The little dollie needs to pee, badly…

  3. Giselle

    haha i cracked up too. i love your sarcasm!

  4. lanar

    i literally laughed out loud.

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