Winter Wonderful Wednesday

Its starting to get chilly, chickies. And you know what that means in the land of WTForever 21 …

WinterTF Wear!

This Wonderful Wednesday will once again be dedicated to J. Crew knockoffs, as Forever 21 seems to be honing in on the preppy clothing store’s signature style for Winter.

Check out the un-WTFucky Wonderful Wednesday Wonderland of stuff after the jump!


J Crew Sequined tulle scarf: $150.00

Forever 21 Sheer Sequin Scarf: $9.80

J Crew Saint James® Binic II sweater: $215.00

Forever 21 Striped Sweater: $32.90

J Crew Suede MacAlister boots: $135.00

Forever 21 Lace Up Suedette Boots: $25.80


J Crew Operetta necklace: $50.00

Forever 21 Long Rhinestone Necklace: $10.80

J Crew Merino necklace sweater: $73.50

Forever 21 Sequin Sweep Knit Top: $19.80

J Crew Bandelier high-heel boots: $275.00

Forever 21 Workman Lace-Up Bootie: $27.80

This is a straight up copy of a bracelet I saw a few weeks ago in my local J. Crew store.

Forever 21 Faux Diamond Twist Bracelet: $9.80

This last selection is not a direct knock off, as far as I can tell, but is very J. Crew Christmas Party-esque.

Forever 21 Sleeveless Sequin Dress: $32.80

Forever 21, wonderful.



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2 responses to “Winter Wonderful Wednesday

  1. Lia

    That striped sweater is originally (or at least previously) from GAP circa 2002. I still own mine. It’s EXACTLY the j crew one, but for women and with a more boat-neck look.

  2. Amelia

    some of these are funny and some of them are a stretch. i’ve seen striped sweaters like that all fall – j crew also didn’t invent shiny tshirts

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