Bea Arthur box dress

Ladies, please.


It’s an abstract cowl neck dress. Pay no attention to the insanity happening at the shoulders. This dress is all about the cowl.

The “dramatic cowl neck that extends down the length of the dress” obscuring any detail of your form and turning you into a young Bea Arthur in the process.

Price: $24.80

Hey, Blanche, what do you think of the side view?



Not good.

Forever 21, WTF?



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7 responses to “Bea Arthur box dress

  1. Anonymous

    If you’re going to reference the Golden Girls, at least get the right name with the right image.

    • ringtheory

      Okay – it really hurts my feelings that you guys think I don’t know Golden Girls well enough to know Blanche from Bea. The DRESS is something Bea would wear and Blanche is giving her critique of the outfit. I know they are not the same person. But thank you for being a friend and trying to correct me.

  2. Jigsaw Jones

    THIS is why I only wear tshirts and jeans. All I can find in stores… IS SHIT LIKE THIS. WHO , God, WHOOOO would wear this?!?!

  3. colleen

    …for the woman who has no shape and would like to accentuate that fact… or for the woman trying to hide her shape – and her fashion sense… I may be a bit clueless when it comes to fashion – but PULEEEZ!! Even the 90-pound model can’t make this one look good….

  4. You are officially my new favorite person.

    • ringtheory

      No Gretchen. You are officially MY new favorite person. But if we had to break it down into fictional old people, Blanche would be top of the chart.

  5. Anonymous

    Um, TOTALLY NOT Bea Authur. Golden Girl fail. Try Rue.

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