Black WTFriday

For those of you hopelessly not in the know, Forever 21 has a blog called “The Skinny” and today they are holding a contest called FREEBIE FRIDAY, wherein they give away some items of their choosing.

Sadly, today’s lucky winner will walk away with nothing but a big, steaming bowl of WTF.


The unforgivable use of itchy wool yarn above is called their “Chunky Knit Ski Sweater.”

What woman in their right mind wants to wear a clothing item with the word “chunky” in the description? That’s only acceptable for soups, Forever 21, and until you come out with a knockoff line of vegetable stews endorsed by quarterbacks and their mothers, you don’t get to use it.

Forever 21,




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9 responses to “Black WTFriday

  1. colleen

    when I first saw the headline “Freebie Friday” I thought it said “Feeble Friday.” Which would be more accurate…. and what the heck is that necklace made of? Wire mesh??

  2. forever21employeeanonymous

    oh my god this is the best blog ever.
    i work there and i think these things all of the timeeeeeee

  3. boxingoctopus

    My question is: What if you’re not a size small? You’ve basically won trash.

  4. A.

    Actually, “chunky” is a term in fiber arts to describe a certain thickness of yarn. It’s the same thing as saying “sport weight” or “worsted weight,” which are also different yarn sizes. So the word’s use in relation to this garment is just providing information about its means of production. Which isn’t weird at all. The sweater is ugly, yes, but there’s nothing wrong with its name.

  5. SwanFlake

    Bill Cosby would have loved that sweater….sometime back in the 80’s.

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