Faux Friggin’ Real?

Not since this year’s earlier rash of tribal print inspired harem pants has a group of clothing been so clearly destined to join the depressing ranks of the discount rack.

Of all the WTF moments I have had shopping at Forever21 over the years, this HAS to be the biggest. Are there really any fashionable young women who are checking to wear a leopard print, below the waist length vest with a cap that looks like an overgrown acorn?

Forever21, stop trying to make fur happen. It’s not going to happen!

You know the scariest part about this? The coat pictured above is just ONE of AT LEAST 15 different faux fur fuck-tastrofies on the site.  In fact, I probably missed a few in my search.

That’s right – somewhere in the Forever21 online catalogue and maybe even in a store near you, there lurks ANOTHER ratty raccoon pelt that has been undocumented and remains undiscovered by the crack team of researchers here at WTForever21.

Below are some of the best of the worst.

Fraggle Pelt: $29.80


Plus-size Poodle Ass Swatch Vest: $24.80

There’s nothing like the ill-fitting pelt of standard poodle slung around you to make the guys on the water polo team STOP comparing you to a wild animal. And by the way, why do they think slapping a belt on these abortions makes wearing them any less horrifying? It DOESN’T. If anything, it highlights the craziness of a person who would try, with all sincerity, to accessorize what is essentially a bit of leftover carpet from the 70’s.


Sheep Swatch Winter Coat: $32.80

This one reminds me of the sun, in that if you stare directly at it you WILL go blind.

There are shockingly way too many to feature them all here, so click this link if you dare for the rest of Forever21’s “elegant” fur offerings.

Forever21, WTF?



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2 responses to “Faux Friggin’ Real?

  1. colleen

    Somebody better check their local pet cemetary to make sure it is intact…. these are hideous!

  2. Leopard print turns me on. Call me old fashioned. Call me a pervert. Any girl wearing leopard print is getting a second look from me.

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