Art imitating life

Remember that sketch on SNL a few weeks back about tiny hats? Remember that debate about whether or not they stole the idea from Tim & Eric? Remember that debate about whether or not Forever21 stole the idea from SNL? NO? Oh, that’s right – it JUST HAPPENED, right here.


Yes. It is real.


For the low, low price of $9.80, you too can look like an effing joke.


Forever21. WTF?



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10 responses to “Art imitating life

  1. Natalie

    I saw a chick wearing this LOL! She looked like she was going to a Panic! at the Disco party ahahahaha she looked ridic! These are for costume parties not day to day wear!

  2. Aw, I’ve always thought these were kind of cute. Not that I’d wear one for every day, but like Elizabeth said, to a tea party or something it would be kind of silly and fun.

    Or maybe I just like tiny things that are supposed to be big.

    That sounds dirtier than I meant it.

  3. You get a much better effect if you wear two of them at once!

  4. delorean

    I think that this was stolen from In Living Color – hated it!

  5. Elizabeth

    I wear tiny hats! To be fair, though, I wear more elegantly adorned ones (chiffon, a few delicate feathers, and some floral accents) and only for Victorian tea parties (I am part of a historical re-enactment group) and steampunk cosplay. And it includes the obligatory corset, bustle, hoop, overdress, and hair piled high on my head.

  6. Courtney

    The ones without headbands have clips on them. And they are popular among strippers.

  7. Alexu

    They also had these today at H&M, witout the headband part so I am not sure how you are supposed to keep it on your head. Unless you have a bizarrely tiny head, or are buying it for your pet monkey.

    • ringtheory

      @Alexu – I think the predominate buyers of tinyhats are monkey owners with the rest being circus folk and lemur enthusiasts.

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