Wonderful Wednesday: J. Crew for less

Today’s exercise in Forever 21 fan gushing will be both a profile one of my (and Michelle Obama’s) personal favorites, J. Crew, as well as a championing of Forever 21’s power in the price game.

For spring, Forever 21 has managed to carve out a chic niche in their normal rotation of 80’s inspired crap-ola and is offering a lot of pieces which borrow heavily from J Crew’s current lineup.

Here are some of the most relevant highlights:

Ruffled Handkerchief Top

Price: $22.80

Floral Woven Shirt

Price: $22.80

Slvls Dandelion Top

Price: $19.80

Linen Lounge Pants

Price: $22.80

Metallic Shine Skirt

Price: $22.80

Button Tab Linen Short

Price: $17.80

Forever 21, FingA.


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