One Shoulder Rosette Jumper

So many things going wrong here.

Price: $29.80

Let’s just focus on one: rosettes, AKA the fastest way to stop a sane person from purchasing any clothing item. Listen, Forever 21, NO ONE LIKES ROSETTES.


And even if they did, after one wash they just turn into droopy turds dangling from the garment in a most unsavory and unintended fashion.

And don’t even get me started on jumpers, let alone those of the single shouldered variety. Not only do you have to go through the bizarre exercise of getting damn near completely nude to take a piss, it’s also just ugly.

Forever 21, WTF?



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8 responses to “One Shoulder Rosette Jumper

  1. colleen

    I love rosettes…. if they’re made of frosting and on top of my birthday cake. Please don’t put them on my sleeves, ass, boobs or anywhere else for that matter… In all, this item of “clothing” is a complete FAIL

  2. Lisa

    Rosettes are money for retailers. Put a rosette on something and it goes out the door.

  3. theresa

    I love rosettes…

  4. donna

    first, awesome blog. second, i like rosettes in theory. they’re real pretty in the store, but you’re totally right that after one wash they look like turds. third, i JUST noticed the elastic below-the-knee hem. insane

  5. Beth

    This blog is hilarious. And this post is the hilariousest.

  6. Jane

    What planet are you on? Lots of people like rosettes.

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