Aztec Print Pullover


THAT is nothing but a thinly, poorly disguised Cosby sweater. Put this on and see how many seconds it takes people to start asking you about Jell-o pudding and why Dr. Huxtable never seemed to ever be at work during the damn daytime.

Price: $16.90

Forever 21,





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3 responses to “Aztec Print Pullover

  1. Caroline

    My co-worker has this sweater and wears it on a daily basis. I told her Zack-Attack had one just like it, and she stared at me blankly. Then eventually her response was: “I think it’s cute!” I think she’s crazy. And to put icing on the cake, I was scolded and teased by our other coworkers for pointing out her fashion faux-pas. WTF?

    • ringtheory

      Whatever. No one can defend wearing a Saved by the Bell throwback item outside of Halloween. Let them laugh because the joke is on them AND their LA Gears.

  2. colleen

    not only is this thing hideous as hell, what the eff happened to the sleeves? double-yuck!

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