Tribal Printed Harem Pant

Price: $29.00


Where exactly is a fashionable young genie of the lamp supposed to wear these? There is just NOTHING flattering going on here, although the product description does an admirable job of trying to trick the viewers eyes with clever wording.

“Pleats along the front and back of the pants accentuate the blouson silhouette.”

Name me ONE WOMAN who wants to “accentuate” her “blouson.”

Forever 21, WTF?



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6 responses to “Tribal Printed Harem Pant

  1. colleen

    now that I’ve peed my pants from laughing so hard, I need to find a new pair… all I have is these tribal printed harem pants? no thanks, I’d rather wear a vulour track suit or those crazy balloon shorts from another post…

  2. bird

    You have to admit, they would be good for doing the Hammer Slide.

  3. Mut

    For a second I thought the description said “Tribal Printed Harlem Pant”…

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